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    What is Permaculture?

    Permaculture is a way of caring for both the Earth and humanity. In Utah's dry climate, wise water use, soil care, reversing the effects of deforestation, increasing food security, and adapting to and mitigating projected impacts of climate change are emphasized.

    But permaculture is more than a list of techniques. A permaculture mindset approaches the world with a holistic point of view, realizing that a single garden interconnects with both man-made systems and the environment as a whole, and strives for renewability, sustainability, and self-sufficiency.

    Permaculture at Utah State University

    Since 2013, the USU Permaculture Initiative has provided research, teaching, and outreach on permaculture design through USU Extension Sustainability. This includes permaculture as a community resiliency design framework in light of projected climate change impacts for the Southwest. This year, with partners like the Logan Library, the Bridgerland Audubon Society, and Moab Bee Inspired Gardens, we’re providing several workshops and presentations. 

    Permaculture Meetup

    Meetups happen regularly, and we would love to have you. Join us on for workshops and presentations about permaculture, sustainability, and provident living.

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    Permaculture Blog

    The USU Permaculture Blog features permaculture sites around the United States. Read and learn about the different cultures and organizations Dr. Roslynn McCann meets during her permaculture journey. 

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    Demonstration Gardens

    USU Logan Permaculture Gallery

    USU Moab Permaculutre Gallery


    USU faculty & staff, students, permaculture design consultants, and hundreds of community volunteers have made the USU Permaculture Initiative a reality

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    What Is Permaculture?

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