Jeff Adams

    Jeff Adams

    Jeff AdamsJeff is the Executive Director of the Canyonlands Watershed Council and owner/operator of Terrasophia LLC. Jeff builds capacity to regenerate the health of our watersheds and communities by engaging citizens, agencies, and organizations through hands-on education projects and ecological design services.  He has a depth of experience in watershed educational training programs and brings a practical and integrated approach to each project with nearly 20 years of experience in various aspects of construction and landscape trades.

    Jeff was a co-instructor for the Introduction to Permaculture course at Utah State University in 2015, and has provides consulting, design, and teaching services associated with the USU permaculture gardens in Logan and Moab and beyond.

    Jeff Adams

    Executive Director of the Canyonlands Watershed Council

    Owner/operator of Terrasophia LLC

    415-306- 6618 (cell)

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