Permaculture Institute - USA, located in St. Louis, MO

    Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA)professional association of regional hubs across North America and Hawaii

    Permaculture Research Institute, headed by Geoff Lawton in Australia

    Permaculture Design Course

    Many permaculture design certification (PDC) opportunities are popping up across the USA. Before registering, however, you may wish to verify that the certification provided is recognized as valid by the Permaculture Institute USA ( Permaculture Institute USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promotion of permaculture through education, and by establishing professional practice standards for the permaculture movement. Founded in 1997 by Scott Pittman and Bill Mollison, the Institute’s work focuses on education and alliances.

    Free online resources for obtaining a PDC and other permaculture training include, but aren't limited to:


    Air Crete Dome Homes

    Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

    Arthur Benjamin TedTalk: The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers

    Dan Barber: How I Fell in Love with a Fish

    Brad Lancaster videos on:

    Composting Toilet Barrel System: How to Build, and How to Use and Maintain

    The Fibonacci Sequence

    Growing Oranges in the Nebraska Snow Using the Earth's Heat

    Geoff Lawton: The Permaculture Designers Manual in One Hour

    Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

    Mark Shepard: Designing Your Perennial Farm - Restoration Agriculture

    Moab Native Bee Habitat

    One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

    Permaculture Resilience During Drought at Zaytuna Farm

    Permaculture The Documentary: How it started

    Permaculture: Geoff Lawton at TEDxAjman

    Pieter Hoff: Reversing Desertification

    Planting the Rain to Grow Abundance: Brad Lancaster Tedx Tucson

    Residential Greywater System in Moab, UT

    Roosevelt Swales: Bill Mollison shows large swales near Tucson, Arizona

    Roosevelt Swales revisited

    Sun- and Shade-Harvesting Awning and Roof Overhang with Brad Lancaster

    Sustainable Design Masterclass

    Sustainable Living with Roslynn Brain McCann

    TEDxTucson: Brad Lancaster's Planting the Rain to Grow Abundance

    Thomas Woltz: Conservation Agriculture

    USU Extension Sustainability - Solitary Bees

    USU Moab Permaculture Garden

    Waste Not! Transforming your waste into soil, water, and energy

    What is Permaculture? by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren


    American Oasis

    Can You Dig This

    Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

    Permaculture Masterclass: A Four-Part Series

    The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic

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    Beacon Food Forest, Seattle WA.

    Teal Farm, Huntington VA. Design Plan

    Utah State University Moab, Moab UT. Design Plan

    Utah State University, Moab, Moab UT. As-Built Garden Map and Key, designed by Claire Core:

    Utah State University Moab Site Operation Manual 

    Utah State University, Moab New Campus Architectural Design Plans Phase 1: USU MOAB Feasibility Study (includes an entire chapter on permaculture design for the campus)