Introduction to Permaculture

    David Holmgren tells how meeting Bill Mollison started the idea of permaculture.

    Geoff Lawton, internationally - renowned permaculture educator, consultant and practitioner, introduces permaculture with an overview of the Permaculture Designers Manual

    Bill Mollison and David Holmgren discuss how permaculture began with the search for a sustainable agriculture system.

    Permaculture in Utah

    The Brush-Mineral toolbox is a diverse and highly adaptable set of low-cost, shovel ready methods for using organic debris and mineral soil beneficially to improve your landscape, the broader community, and ecosystems within which you live. Brush mineral structures are inspired by the work of indigenous people, ecological design and permaculture principles.

    Jeff Adams from Terrasophia LLC shows strategies for permaculture and climate resiliency on both a small and large scale.

    Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann gives a tour of the USU Moab Permaculture garden.

    Jeremy Lynch gives a tour of the permaculture garden on the USU Moab Campus.

    Sustainable Living

    Josh Quigley, the USU Permaculture Intern from 2019, presents a webinar about how to build up a food forest in your own backyard. View Josh's Food Forest PDF.

    Mark Shepard shows how permaculture can work on a large-scale farm.

    Webinar with Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith about the American tradition of gardening.

    Dan Barber shares his journey searching for a sustainable fish that he could love.

    Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann talks about her experience with permaculture and sustainable living in Moab, UT.

    Freelance permaculture designer and teacher Kat Lavers grows food in her tiny backyard in the city.

    Louie Schwartzberg shares nature's beauty through his time-lapse photography.


    Thomas Woltz tell how his team helped barren, eroded land in New Zealand be reclaimed by rainforest species.

    A visual presentation of the Fibonacci Sequence--a mathematical pattern seen throughout nature.

    Arthur Benjamin teaches about the magical nature of the Fibonacci Sequence.


    "A webinar from May 28, 2020 on integrated rainwater harvesting with Moab-based permaculture designer Jeff Adams. Even in the desert, you can have a productive landscape without relying solely on municipal water! The webinar covers a broad view of techniques and best practices to catch, store and direct rainwater to where it matters most in your garden or backyard.

    Jeff Adams discusses the grey water regulations in Utah and how to implement it at your own home.

    "Brad shares the inspiring story of how he and others learned to see the rain differently, enabling them—and you—to plant it, rather than drain it; resulting in the growth of vibrant irrigation-free oases throughout communities in drought years, which act as absorbent sponges solving flooding in wet years, and the regeneration of our neighborhoods and larger world in all years." 

    Using a muffin tin and a sponge, Brad Lancaster demonstrates methods to harvest water with the landscape. He offers more water resources on his website.

    Dr. Roslynn Brain shows the greywater system that irrigates her landscape in Moab, UT.


    A webinar with soil scientist Dr. Melanie Stock about using compost and cover crops in Utah's climate.

    Brad Lancaster talks about rethinking waste, and how to turn it into a resource.

    Native Bees and Insects

    Dr. Roslynn Brain shows native bee housing made of upcycled material in Moab, UT.

    Researcher Theresa Pitts Singer shows the blue orchid bees nest box installed at the USU Logan Permaculture Garden for Earth Day. 

    A webinar from June 25, 2020 Tim Graham, PhD in Entomology. Sometimes it's hard to see how something as small as insects and soil organisms have such a big effect. If you're looking for more reasons to use alternatives to pesticides, this webinar is for you! We covered some of the amazing relationships of some bugs we can see, and even tinier critters that we can't see. Come along as we delve into the wealth of biodiversity that can be found in your landscape and beyond. 


    Geoff Lawton revisits the Sonoran Desert, 20 years after Bill Mollison's first video, to see the Roosevelt Swales.

    Brad Lancaster shows how he transformed his home in Tuscon, AZ into an efficient, regenerative system. He offers more water resources on his website.

    "Sh. Hassan Elsetohy and Geoff Lawton are in Wadi Rum, Jordan, proving the impossible by establishing a sustainable paradise in one of the driest deserts in the Middle East."

    In his TedTalk, Allan Savory talks about how to protect grasslands and reclaim degrade, desertified landscapes with holistic management and planned grazing.

    Geoff Lawton gives a tour of Zaytuna Farm, a permaculture site in Australia, and shows how the site is resilient even during the region's worst drought in 120 years.

    Pieter Hoff discusses how his Groasis box mimics nature to reforests landscapes and reverse desertification.

    Bill Mollison gives a tour of the Roosevelt Swales--an oasis in the Sonoran Desert.

    Climatic Considerations

    At Coneybeare Cleantech leaders' Conference, permaculture expert Brad Lancaster presented on how to work with the Earth's seasons. Brad offers more sun and shade resources on his website.

    Permaculture expert Brad Lancaster shows how to work with the sun using seasonal roof overhangs. Brad offers more sun and shade resources on his website.

    Retired mailman Russ Finch draws on the earth's stable heat to grow warm weather fruits in the Nebraskan snow.