External Resources

    External Resources

    Permaculture Research Institute, headed by Geoff Lawton in Australia

    Permaculture Institute - USA, located in Santa Fe, NM

    Permaculture Design Course

    Many permaculture design certification opportunities are popping up across the USA. Before registering, however, you may wish to verify that the certification provided is recognized as valid by the Permaculture Institute USA (http://www.permaculture.org/). Permaculture Institute USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promotion of permaculture through education, and by establishing professional practice standards for the permaculture movement. Founded in 1997 by Scott Pittman and Bill Mollison, the Institute’s work focuses on education and alliances.

    Beacon Food Forest, Seattle WA.

    Teal Farm, Huntington VA. Design Plan

    Utah State University Moab, Moab UT. Design Plan

    Utah State University, Moab, Moab UT. As-Built Garden Map and Key, designed by Claire Core:

    Utah State University Moab Site Operation Manual 

    Utah State University, Moab New Campus Architectural Design Plans Phase 1: USU MOAB Feasibility Study (includes an entire chapter on permaculture design for the campus)